TraceGains' Together Conference 2024

As we embark on a new year, TraceGains is excited to invite FoodPro Network subscribers to "Together 2024" virtual conference. This is your chance to kick start 2024 with a bang, immersing yourself in a world of knowledge and innovation led by global leaders in the food and beverage industry.

Join us virtually on January 24-25, 2024. Registration is open now!

Expect Dynamic and Insightful Sessions:

  • Expert Insights: Gain insider knowledge from TraceGains community professionals in Quality, Regulatory, R&D, Procurement, and Operations.
  • Immediate Answers: Tackle complex issues like regulations, labelling, food fraud, and consumer trends with guidance from experienced experts.
  • Engaging Discussions: Dive into key industry topics such as supplier participation, ESG, co-man usage, AI's future, and innovation pressures.

What You Gain From Attending:

  • Actionable & Practical Advice: Learn real-world strategies from your peers in Food Safety, Quality, Regulatory and Innovation, addressing everyday challenges with solutions you can implement immediately.
  • Direct & Divisive Topics: Explore the complexities of cross-departmental collaboration, supply chain dynamics, and co-man partnerships.
  • Timely & Relevant Insights: Get expert advice on sustainability, traceability, and consumer expectations – both for the present and future.
  • Modern & Collaborative Approaches: Discover how to utilise technology and data for fast innovation and stringent compliance.

Why Together 2024 is a Must for Your Team:

  • Food Safety, Quality, Regulatory and Innovation: Enhance operational efficiency, risk management, technology utilisation, and stay ahead in ESG.
  • R&D: Overcome challenges in product development, reformulation, and compliance leveraging networked data.
  • Procurement: Master the art of managing suppliers and co-manufacturers, and turn everyday partnerships into strategic alliances.
  • Sales & Marketing: Learn to elevate your brand, use networked marketplaces effectively, and make informed business decisions.

This event is a free opportunity for FoodPro Network subscribers to explore the latest innovations in the food and drink industry. You'll experience engaging workshops, network with industry leaders, and gain invaluable insights from expert speakers. All content is available on demand, so make sure to register to access. 

This free event is one not to be missed. Register today for the Together Conference 2024 and kickstart your year with TraceGains.


Bron: TraceGains - partner FoodPro Network

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