Connecting the world of food professionals

The FoodPro Network Team and its members (Fans) share the dream that FoodPro Network contributes to a better food industry, and thereby a better world. This network portal was founded by demand of various professionals and entrepreneurs from the food industry.

They had the vision to create a portal where they could brainstorm about subjects such as quality & food safety, laws & regulations, software, process optimization and countless other things that make the industry stand out. So what better way to action this in our current market with its margins under pressure, increased workload, rising fuel prices, decrease in trade show and congress attendance, plus the demand for quick news updates via social media, than with a designated network portal?

FoodPro is a closed network portal. We guarantee a minimum of 80% end users. This means that a minimum of 80% of our members are active in a role such as a board member, entrepreneur, professional, industry associate, or a similar decision maker and/or influencer position in the food industry. Students, recruitment agencies etc. are actively denied access to the forum by our online administrators. We currently have registrations in food industry from board members and management professionals from all over the world.

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