What makes a perfect Mayonnaise? (video)

28-04 06:01 | source: FoodPro Network International

Creating a stable, homogenous product is key in the process of manufacturing mayonnaise. Hot and cold processing both require machines that mix powders and liquids evenly and produce a consistent emulsion of vegetable oil, water, vinegar and egg yolk. For low-fat products (e.g. salad mayonnaise) wheat flour or thickeners like starches or hydrocolloids have to be incorporated gently into the mix. ProXES units stand out due to their high processing quality: The high shear mixing systems guarantee optimum dispersion and minimise the size of oil droplets. This prevents separation during packaging or storage.

On the company's website, you can find detailed information about the individual brands, applications, machines, service options and much more. You can also visit ProXES on YouTubeLinkedInFacebook and Instagram.


Source: ProXES - partner FoodPro Network

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