CryoHub to share results of implementation of innovative energy storage technique

14-01 06:01 | source: FoodPro Network International

Air Liquide is a partner amongst several European Universities and companies  of the Cryohub project funded by the EU and designed to demonstrate the potential for cryogenic energy storage at refrigerated warehouses.

Register now for our Webinar on 17th March 2021 to hear from experts on how the CryoHub technology was developed and demonstrated at a refrigerated facility at Frigologix in Belgium.  CTalks from the team of Universities, companies and associations involved will explore the potential for use of renewable energies, how supply can be matched to demand for refrigerated warehousing in the EU, the development of control strategies and components such as heat exchanger, as well as advanced modelling of the design and operational results.  

  • Specific recommendations of the project for policy makers and business purchasing will look at how this projects findings could support environmental and energy policies in the future.  The host site, Frigologix, will discuss how support for innovative technologies fit into their business strategy.  We will also see how the demonstrator unit was constructed by our partners Dohmeyer. 
  • We will review the kinds of obstacles encountered, how they can be overcome and what lessons for the future potential for innovation in energy storage this project point towards in discussion with the audience and with panel experts.   

More information about the project, programme and registration is available at



Source: Air Liquide - partner FoodPro Network

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