Understanding, Monitoring and Meeting the Differing Global Maximum Residue Limits (MRLS) For Pesticides in Food and Feed Products

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Cargill improves stevia taste, finds alternative to sugar

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Nestlé takes drastic steps to reduce its water use on a worldwide scale

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Warming up for frozen

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CryoHub to share results of implementation of innovative energy storage technique

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Edeka Zurheide – World of indulgence

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Ahold Delhaize increases commitment to slash food waste in half by 2030

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Jellyfish for dinner?

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Chocolate will cure your cough!

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Worldwide customers for Puccini Bomboni

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Grocery shopping in Australia

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The limits of exports

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FoodPro Network International office closed 28 December - 3 January

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What Effect Will the US Reduction in Biotechnology Regulations Have on Food Exports?

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The (food) world after corona

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Sensory marketing – how to win in the experience economy

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SGS Digicomply (video)

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Like nuts on legs

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Nestlé discovers way to drastically reduce sugar content in sweets

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Helsinki for hopsters

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Mosa Meat grows hamburgers in laboratory

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Food industry needs to focus on ‘healthy’ innovation

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Mosa Meat backed by leading global impact investors, bringing oversubscribed round to $75M

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Nestlé redoubles efforts to combat climate change

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Unilever New Zealand to trial four-day work week at full pay

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